Collect all the diamonds before the wall squashes you


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Puzzlexia is a game of logic and skill where you have to collect all the diamonds scattered around the screen so you can get out of the room. The main problem is that a wall will start to move in your direction nonstop, and if you can't get out before it gets to you you'll die. You've got to lay out the best path so you can escape unharmed.

The first thing to do before starting the level is to survey the whole enclosure so you can locate everything you've got to collect – as well as all the obstacles that will get in your way – before you set out. Also note that there are bricks that disappear after a few seconds and other ones that you have to dodge if you don't want to end up prematurely dead. And keep in mind that not all the gems can be instantly collected with a single tap when you make your mental map of how to get out with everything you need.

The exit stays locked until you get the very last ruby, so if you know you won't manage to collect all the items it's a waste of your time to run around trying – there's nothing that can save you now. Along the way you can collect other items to get some extra points, though your time to beat each level is very limited.

Puzzlexia presents a proper challenge for people who play a lot of logic and room escape games, as its extra sprinkling of difficulty will really put you up against the wall (literally) in the app's many levels. You'll stay hooked for hours trying out dozens of different escape routes for each room. On more than one occasion you're sure to throw in the towel on levels that seem impossible, but it's all a matter of practice and patience.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher.

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